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Today’s Readings – Saturday of week 19 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on Josh 24:14-29

This is the last of our readings from the book of Joshua. It is an immediate continuation of yesterday as Joshua gives his final words to the tribes gathered at Shechem. It consists of the second and third parts of the whole passage:

in Part Two (vv.14-24) all the people declare for Yahweh and renounce pagan gods, and in Part Three (vv. 25-29) a covenant is adopted and its statutes committed to writing.

Having reminded them of all that Yahweh did for them from time immemorial down to the present, Joshua urges the people to fear the Lord and to serve him truly and sincerely. ‘Fear’ here means to trust, worship and serve in a spirit of deep respect for the immensity of God. There is no place for fear in the ordinary sense before o … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Friday of week 19 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on Josh 24:1-13

We go to the end of the book of Joshua. The intervening chapters which we have skipped deal mainly with the conquest of the Promised Land by the Israelites and later with the sharing out of the land among the tribes of Israel.

In this first … Continue

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