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Today’s Readings – Saint Pius X Pope

St Pius X, Pope (Memorial)

The future Pope Pius X was born Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto at Riese, near Venice, on 2 June 1835. He was the second of 10 children in a poor family, his father being the village postman.

On 18 September 1858, Giuseppe Sarto was ordained priest and became curate at Tombolo. While there, the young priest deepened his knowledge of theology while carrying out most of the functions of his parish pastor, who was quite ill. In 1867, he was named Archpriest of Salzano. He became popular with his people when he worked to help the sick during a cholera plague that swept northern Italy in the early 1870s.

In 1875 he was made Chancellor of the Diocese of Treviso. In 1878 Bishop Zanelli died, leaving the bishopric vacant … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

St Bernard, Abbot and Doctor (Memorial)

Bernard was born about 1090 at Fontaines, near Dijon, in France, the third son of Tescelin Sorrel, a Burgundian nobleman and was educated at Chatillon-sur-Seine. As a young man he became known for his charm, wit … Continue

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