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Today’s Readings – Wednesday of week 18 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on Jer 31:1-7Another upbeat reading from the prophet with a (not really deserved) reputation for doom and gloom. Jeremiah today continues his message of hope for the restoration of the two kingdoms, north and south, once again to be formed as one nation under God.

We are now at the beginning of chapter 31. Continuing the theme of restoration begun in the previous chapter, Jeremiah records the words of the Lord to

(1) all the people of God, v.1 (prose);

(2) the restored northern kingdom of Israel, vv.2-22 (poetry);

(3) the restored southern kingdom of Judah, v..23-26 (prose); and

(4) Israel and Judah together, vv.27-40 (prose prologue, vv.27-30; poetic body, vv.31-37; prose epilogue, vv.38-40 - each section beginning with the words, ’The days … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint John Mary Vianney

St John Mary Vianney, Priest (Memorial)

John Baptist (Jean-Baptiste) Vianney was born at Dardilly, near Lyons, in 1786. He was the son of a farmer and spent his early life as a shepherd boy. He got little formal schooling. The anti-religious violence of the French Rev … Continue

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