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Today’s Readings – Monday of week 32 of Ordinary Time - Gospel

Commentary on Luke 17:1-6

We move on to chapter 17 of Luke and today we have three separate sayings of Jesus which we find in different contexts of Matthew’s gospel.
The first is on the inevitability of scandals. Scandals are those actions or words which, literally, cause people to trip up and fall. Here they refer to words or actions which become obstacles preventing or making it more difficult for people to believe in and accept Christ and the Gospel.

These things are inevitable, Jesus says, but it is tragic for those who are responsible. It is a terrible thing to come between a person and the call of Christ, to be the effective agent for blocking a person coming to know and love Christ and his Way. It would be better for the scandal-causer to be thrown … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint Josaphat of Polotsk

St Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr (Memorial)

Josaphat Kuntsevich was born of a merchant family in the small town of Volodymyr (Vladimir) in the region of Volhynia (Vilna), then part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in 1580 or 1584.

After a local education he was apprentic … Continue

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