First Sunday of Lent B

In God’s Word today, the rich image of the rainbow is a symbol of hope and trust in the loving God who is faithful and constant. The contract or covenant between God and all of humanity is a promise of a close relationship where our worth is praised without any discrimination and our difficulties acknowledged. Some of us seem to reach the ‘pot of gold’ materially while others lose out because of lack of opportunity. The ‘time has come’ for us to recognise that the covenant with God involves a relationship with the rest of humanity.

Rainbow Prayer

Compassionate God, with my diversity and uniqueness, I know I have a place in the multi-coloured bow of your love. As a member of the Church give me courage to follow Jesus into the desert during these forty days of Lent. There I will face the darkness of my neglect of others who I have consigned to the fringes of my consciousness where they scavenge for dignity and respect. Help me to journey from the penitential violet of this season through the bright promise of Easter light to the joyful celebration of the Spirit at Pentecost.

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