Palm Sunday


The reading of the Passion sometimes reduces us to the passive role of spectators. This may mirror how we are in life, when we maintain observer status at the risk of getting involved. Those people we have seen in our photographs are real and they need us to move from being voyeurs in some reality show to become people of action for justice. We are watching the passion again in their lives as we see Christ suffering in them and we are called to help them carry their cross in life.
The significance of wearing a cross and chain or a lapel cross is not always appreciated in a spiritual context. A formal blessing before the end of Mass could be preceded briefly by some words that point beyond the merely cosmetic wearing of a cross:


May the Cross of Christ protect your from danger and harm
May the Cross of Christ guide you on the path of selfless love
May the Cross of Christ give you the power to always speak the truth.

IDP Camp Somalia

The humanitarian mission of Trócaire is to contribute to the saving of lives, the alleviation of suffering, and the protection of human dignity. Trócaire actively speaks out on behalf of the vulnerable individuals and communities we seek to assist, bearing witness to the injustice and suffering.
Reflecting on the phases of displacement (flight, displacement short or long term and return or secondary displacement), Trócaire works at community, national and international level. Trócaire focuses on conflict prevention and protection against displacement, humanitarian assistance and the search for solutions, development and rebuilding of conflict –affected countries.

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