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Today’s Readings – Wednesday of Week 11 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on 2 Kings 2:1,6-14

Today we move on to the Second Book of Kings and we continue where we left off with the First Book. The division into two books is artificial and no such division is found in the earliest Hebrew bibles. The passage we are reading today acts as an introduction to the story of the prophet Elisha. Today we bring the story of Elijah to a conclusion and see Elisha taking over as his successor.

As Elijah is about to leave to go to the Jordan in obedience to the Lord’s call, he tells Elisha to remain behind. Whether this was said to test Elisha is not clear, but Elisha renewed his commitment as a disciple of Elijah and insisted on following him.

They are followed by fifty fellow-prophets who will be witnesses to what is about to happen by the bank … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Tuesday of Week 11 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on 1 Kings 21:17-29

Our reading today follows immediately on yesterday. We see Ahab now pay the price for the murder of Naboth.

Ahab has just been told by his wife that Naboth is now dead, so he immediately goes down to the vineyard he coveted so much to take it over. Bu … Continue

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