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Today’s Readings – Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Commentary on Exodus 16:2-4,12-15; Ephesians 4:17,20-24; John 6:24-35

Last Sunday we switched from reading Mark’s gospel to that of John. Today we continue with the 6th chapter of John on Jesus as the Bread of Life. In last Sunday’s gospel we saw how excited the people were after Jesus had fed them with just a few loaves and fish. They were so excited that they wanted to make him king.

"This really is the prophet who is to come into the world", they cry. Their being fed with bread reminds them of Moses who fed the people with manna (described in today’s First Reading) as well as an expression of the expected coming of the Messiah-King. But Jesus had fled to the mountains. He could have used this occasion to exploit the situation and further … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint Ignatius Loyola

St Ignatius Loyola, Priest, Founder of Society of Jesus

Ignatius of Loyola (original name Inigo), born in 1491, was the youngest of eleven children of a Basque nobleman and was destined to become a soldier. During a battle against the French he was wounded at the sie … Continue

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