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Today’s Readings – Friday of Week 6 of Easter - First Reading

Commentary on Acts 18:9-18

We pick up on yesterday’s reading and Paul is still in Corinth.

His missionary work is going well. He now receives encouragement in a vision in which the Lord tells him to keep speaking out. The Lord is with him, he has many friends in the city and no harm will come to him. This is just one of three visions of the Lord which Paul is said to have had. So Paul stays in the city for a year and a half preaching the Good News. It is possible that, during this time, he may have extended his evangelising work to other parts of the province of Achaia, where Corinth was situated.

However, as often was the case, during this time some Jews in the city who were opposed to him brought him to the civil court accusing him of telling people t … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint Philip Neri

St Philip Neri, Priest (Memorial)

Philip Romolo Neri was born on 22 July 1515 in Florence, the youngest child of Francesco, a lawyer, and his wife Lucrezia da Mosciano. Philip received his early education from the Dominican friars at the famous San Marco friary in Flore … Continue

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