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Today’s Readings – Sunday of Week 2 of Ordinary time

Commentary on Isaiah 62:1-5; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11; John 2:1-12

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who ‘feel bad about feeling good’? There are some, maybe more than we think, who seem to think that, in order to be a ‘good’ Catholic they always have to be denying themselves, always ‘making sacrifices’. If they go out to have a good time, they come back afterwards with guilty feelings. If they think they are really enjoying life, there must be something wrong. They are being ‘too worldly’.
Yet, in today’s Gospel we read a story about Jesus and his mother and his disciples taking part in a friend’s wedding party. Do we feel that Jesus should have just attended the wedding ceremony (the ‘religious part’) and kept away from the festivities? (Or do we have a problem with … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saturday of Week 1 in Ordinary time - First Reading

Commentary on 1 Samuel 9:1-4,17-19;10:1

Today we hear about the choice of Saul as Israel’s first king. Here, in contrast to yesterday, the attitude towards monarchy is much more positive. It represents the royalist view. Today’s narrative has, in fact, nothing to do with yesterd … Continue

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