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Today’s Readings – Sunday of week 2 of Lent

Commentary on Genesis 22:1-2,9-13,15-18; Romans 8:31b-35,37; Mark 9:2-10

THE STRANGE EXPERIENCE of the Transfiguration described in the Gospel took place very soon after Jesus had been recognised by his disciples as the Messiah. This acknowledgment on their part was a wonderful breakthrough and discovery in their relation with their Teacher and Master.

This had been immediately followed by Jesus telling them he would be rejected by their political and religious leaders and made to suffer and die before rising the third day. It is clear that this came as a terrible shock to the disciples. Their vision of the Messiah was of a glorious, victorious king defeating all the enemies of Israel.

The idea that Messiah would be rejected, made to suffer and die at the hand … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saturday of week 1 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Deut 26:16-19

Today’s reading comes from the last part of the Book of Deuteronomy, which is also the last of the five books forming the Pentateuch and containing the covenant laws by which the lives of observant Jews were guided.

Moses reminds the … Continue

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