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Today’s Readings – Saint Andrew, Apostle

St Andrew, Apostle, Principal Patron of Scotland (Feast; Scotland: Solemnity)

Andrew was the son of Jonas and brother of Simon Peter and a fisherman by trade. The brothers seem to have come from Bethsaida, although at the beginning of Jesus’ public life they are in Capernaum. From John’s gospel (John 1:40) we know that Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist before becoming a disciple of Jesus and one of the Twelve. As a result of Andrew’s first encounter with Jesus he came to realise that he was the Messiah. He then went to tell his brother Simon, whom he brought to Jesus. He is called in the Eastern Church Protokletos, meaning the ‘first called’, because his calling is the first mentioned in the Gospel narrative. The name ‘Andrew’ (from the Greek andreia, meaning ‘ma … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Tuesday of Week 1 of Advent - First Reading

Commentary on Isaiah 11:1-10

We have today a messianic poem describing the principal features of the coming Messiah:

he is of Davidic stock;
he will be filled with the spirit of the prophets who went before him;
he will establish a society reflecting the peace and harmony of God … Continue

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