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Today’s Readings – Saint Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor

St Ambrose of Milan, Bishop and Doctor (Memorial)

Ambrose was born in 339 at Trier, son of the Pretorian Prefect of Gaul. There is a legend that, as a small child, a swarm of bees landed on his face as he lay in his cradle and left behind a drop of honey. His father took this as a sign of Ambrose’s future eloquence and honeyed tongue.

He studied Greek literature, law and rhetoric. About 372, he was made consular prefect of Liguria and Aemilia with headquarters in Milan, then, after Rome, the second capital of Italy. Ambrose soon made a name for himself as an excellent administrator.

At this time in the Church, there were deep divisions between the Arians, who denied the divinity of Christ, and those who affirmed it. In 374, Auxentius, the Arian bishop of Milan, died, and the Ari … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Tuesday of Week 2 of Advent - First Reading

Commentary on Isaiah 40:1-11

Today we begin a series of readings from what is known as ‘The Book of Consolation’. It consists of chapters 40 to 55 of Isaiah and its unknown author is referred to as ‘Second Isaiah’. He is writing – much later – at the end of the Jews’ exile … Continue

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