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Today’s Readings – Sunday of week 3 of Lent

Commentary on Exodus 20:1-17; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25; John 2:13-25

THE GOSPEL PRESENTS a dramatic scene where Jesus shows himself as Lord of the Temple. It does not seem in character to see Jesus with a small whip of cords physically driving out the traders in cattle, sheep and pigeons - animals to be used in sacrifices. And the moneychangers. They were needed because only Jewish money could be offered in the Temple. Roman coins had the image of Divus Augustus (the ‘divine Augustus’) and so were regarded as idolatrous; they had to be exchanged for Jewish coinage.

Jesus objected not to the trade as such which was quite legitimate but to its being done in the temple precincts, “my Father’s house". “Take all this out of here and stop turning … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saturday of week 2 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Mic 7:14-15, 18-20

Today’s Mass is about God’s great desire that the sinner repent and experience God’s love and tender mercy.

The reading comes from the prophet Micah, who was a contemporary of Hoseah and also of Isaiah.

The readin … Continue

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