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Today’s Readings – Tuesday of Week 4 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12

About today’s passage from Ezekiel, the Vatican II Missal states:

"In the Middle East, desert land was commonplace and water all-important. Water was a symbol of God’s saving grace. The prophet Ezekiel described a future idealised Temple, the source of deepening waters and fertile abundance".

A marvellous river, flowing out from under the Temple, is a manifestation of the blessings conferred on the land by Yahweh’s return to live among his people. It is linked in today’s Gospel, with the healing of the man who was waiting for the waters of the ‘Sheep Pool’ to move.

The First Reading describes an ever-increasing life-giving stream of water flowing out from the Temple. It is to be understood as a … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Monday of Week 4 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Isaiah 65:17-21

Isaiah speaks of a coming Utopia, a totally new world full of joy and gladness. It is a world without pain or sadness, a world of prosperity and plenty. The dream is of a restored Jerusalem after the exile, and of an even greater Messianic … Continue

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