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Today’s Readings – Saturday of week 6 of Easter - First Reading

Commentary on Acts 18:23-28

Today we begin the Third, and final, Missionary Journey of Paul.

After leaving Corinth, Paul, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila, crossed over to Ephesus on the west coast of present-day Turkey. He separated from them there and went to preach in the local synagogues. In spite of the unwelcome reception he so often got from his fellow-Jews, he always made a point of approaching them first when he arrived in a new place. He apparently did well there because they asked him to stay longer. However, he was clearly anxious to get back to Syrian Antioch but he promised that he would return - and he did.

On reaching Palestine, he landed at Caesarea where he greeted the local church before going on northwards to Antioch and it is at that point … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saint Matthias Apostle

There is only one mention of Matthias in the whole of the New Testament and that is in the Acts of the Apostles, whose author is always understood to have been Luke, the author of the gospel bearing his name. … Continue

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