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Today’s Readings – Saint John Mary Vianney

St John Mary Vianney, Priest (Memorial)

John Baptist (Jean-Baptiste) Vianney was born at Dardilly, near Lyons, in 1786. He was the son of a farmer and spent his early life as a shepherd boy. He got little formal schooling. The anti-religious violence of the French Revolution, with the outlawing of priests who remained faithful to their calling, also may have affected his opportunities for education. At the age of 20 he did begin studies for the priesthood but they were interrupted by his being conscripted for military service. However, like many others, he soon became a deserter and continued his seminary studies in secret until there was an amnesty in 1810. At this time he received the tonsure, the first step in becoming a cleric, and was accepted by the seminary at … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Tuesday of week 18 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on Num 12:1-13

Not only do the people complain but Aaron and Miriam, the brother and sister of Moses, are also grumbling against their brother. 

Ostensibly their complaint was that Moses had married a Cushite woman. This seems to be Zipporah, the dau … Continue

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