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Today’s Readings – Saint Francis Xavier - 3 December

Francis Xavier was born on 7 April 1506 in his family’s small castle in Navarre, a Basque area in the Pyrenees. In September 1525 he went to begin studies at the College of Sainte-Barbe in the University of Paris. His roommate was Peter Faber (Pierre Favre) from the Savoy region of France. Everything changed for Francis, when, four years later, Ignatius Loyola (Inigo Lopez de Loyola), another Basque nobleman, moved in with them. Loyola soon persuaded Faber to become a priest but Xavier was more interested in a secular career and became a lecturer at the university. However in 1533, Ignatius finally got through to Xavier and won him over to work for God. Eventually the group would increase to seven with Ignatius as their mentor. He inspired them to join him in g … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Thursday of week 1 of Advent - First Reading

Commentary on Isa 26:1-6

Today’s reading is a psalm in praise of Sion. There is a strong contrast with what had been said in an earlier chapter (24:10-13):

The city of chaos is broken down,

Every house is shut up so that no one can enter.

There is an outcry i … Continue

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