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Today’s Readings – Thursday of week 3 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on 2 Samuel 7:18-19, 24-29

A prayer of David.
David immediately responds to the word of God which has come to him through the prophet Nathan and which was the reading for yesterday. Today’s reading does not contain the whole prayer (vv.18-29).

It is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving made for the promises to establish an everlasting dynasty through David. It expresses wonder that God could make such commitments to him and his descendants. But he also acknowledges that what God had pledged to him was for Israel’s sake, its purpose is the fulfilment of God’s covenanted promise to his people – and that its ultimate effect will be the honour and praise of God throughout the world now and for always.

David “went in and sat before the Lord”. This presumably mea … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Saints Timothy and Titus

Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops (Memorial)

Timothy was born at Lystra in the province of Pisidia (modern Turkey).  He was the son of a Greek father and his mother, Eunice, was a convert from Judaism.  When Paul preached at Lystra during his first mi … Continue

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