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Today’s Readings – St John of God, Religious

Commentary on St John of God, Religious

John (Joao Cidade) was born on 8 March 1495 in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.  His family, formerly well-off, had fallen on hard times but was deeply religious.  His mother died when he was very young and his father then entered a monastery.

But, even before that, John ran away with a priest who had inspired him with stories of adventurous new worlds to be explored.  He would never see his parents again.  The priest and the boy begged their way from place to place and then John fell sick.  The manager of an estate, who helped restore his health, adopted John as his son.  Until the age of 27, John worked as a shepherd on the estate.  Urged to marry his employer’s daughter, whom he loved as his own sister, J … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Sunday of week 3 of Lent

Commentary on Exodus 20:1-17; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25; John 2:13-25

THE GOSPEL PRESENTS a dramatic scene where Jesus shows himself as Lord of the Temple. It does not seem in character to see Jesus with a small whip of cords physically driving out the traders in cattle … Continue

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