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Today’s Readings – Tuesday of Week 1 of Advent - First Reading

Commentary on Isaiah 11:1-10

We have today a messianic poem describing the principal features of the coming Messiah:

he is of Davidic stock;
he will be filled with the spirit of the prophets who went before him;
he will establish a society reflecting the peace and harmony of God himself.

The reading is a beautiful portrait of Jesus, although that was not in the mind of the prophet when this was written. It is a description of a future kingdom of peace. There is some dispute as to the author and the time of its writing. The emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit seems to point to a later period.

‘A shoot shall come out of the stump of Jesse.’ Jesse was the father of David, and Jesus, of course, came through the Davidic line. The line is described as a ‘stump’ rather th … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Monday of Week 1 of Advent - First Reading

Commentary on Isaiah 2:1-5 and Isaiah 4:2-6 in Year A

We are now entering the season of Advent and making our preparations to welcome the coming of the Son of God among us as one of us. The Child, born in such obscure surroundings, will become the Light of the Nations.

Our First Rea … Continue

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