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Today’s Readings – Saturday of Week 7 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on James 5:13-20

Today is our final reading from the end of James’ Letter, which contains practical advice on prayer.

First, our prayer may be to ask God to remove a hardship or perhaps for the strength to go through it.  The negative experiences of our life are not necessarily to be taken as signs of displeasure on God’s part.  On the contrary, they can often contain a grace.  In dealing with them, we grow in inner strength.  A life without challenges is no life.

However, there can also be an inner restlessness or unease which may point to our life’s being in conflict with God’s will for us.  This may call for some discernment until peace returns.  But we need to remember that inner peace and external difficulties are not necessarily incom … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Our Lady of the Way

Our Lady of the Way (Santa Maria della Strada) is a feast celebrated by the Society of Jesus in its communities, schools and parishes.

The first Jesuit church in Rome was called Madonna della Strada, Our Lady of the Way. When Ignatius and his companions came to Rome in 1537-38, they cel … Continue

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