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Today’s Readings – Thursday of week 2 of Ordinary Time - First Reading

Commentary on 1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7

Saul was deeply impressed by David’s great exploit in killing Goliath and took him into his palace. And a deep friendship developed between David and Jonathan, Saul’s son. We are told a little earlier that “Jonathan had become as fond of David as if his life depended on him; he loved him as he loved himself” (18:1). Jonathan, as a sign of his affection, gave David his own mantle, his military dress, his sword, his bow and his belt. David was now transformed from a shepherd into a soldier.

Our reading today opens by saying that, as David and Saul returned from David’s famous victory over Goliath, the women came out from all the cities, singing and dancing. They played and sang:

Saul has killed his … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Wednesday of week 2 of Ordinary Time- First Reading

Commentary on 1 Samuel 17:32-33, 37, 40-51

Today we read part of the famous story of David and Goliath. Today’s reading goes back to another source for the story of David. In this story, David has not yet been anointed king. Rather, today’s exploit will be o … Continue

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