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Today’s Readings – Tuesday of week 2 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Isa 1:10, 16-20

Today an attack on hypocrisy and a call for humility in the presence of God and in the presence of our brothers and sisters.


The reading is from the very beginning of Isaiah and today’s passage is primarily an attack on the people’s hypocrisy - the same theme as in the Gospel.

There are strong words from Isaiah on his people and their rulers. He calls the leaders of God’s people “princes of Sodom” and speaks of the people as “people of Gomorrah". Sodom and Gomorrah were the epitome of all that was most evil and repellent to God. They are classic examples of sinful cities completely destroyed (cf. Gen 13:13; 18:20-21...). And just as Jesus addressed Peter as Satan for blocking God’s plans … Continue

Yesterday’s Readings – Monday of week 2 of Lent - First Reading

Commentary on Dan 9:4-10

The theme of the readings today is repentance and a prayer for God’s mercy and compassion.

For over 1,000 years this prayer has been read in today’s Lenten Mass. It is an excellent penance prayer - a national act of contrition des … Continue

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