Tuesday of week 4 of Lent – First Reading

Commentary on Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12

 “In the Middle East, desert land was commonplace and water all-important. Water was a symbol of God’s saving grace. The prophet Ezekiel described a future idealised Temple, the source of deepening waters and fertile abundance.” (Vatican II Missal)

A marvellous river, flowing out from under the Temple, is a manifestation of the blessings conferred on the land by Yahweh’s return to live among his people. It is linked today with the healing of the man who was waiting for the waters of the ‘Sheep Pool’ to move.

An ever-increasing life-giving stream of water flows out from the Temple. It is clear that a healing, life-giving water is understood. And, in the background, there is the image of the river flowing through the Garden of Eden, a symbol of the life that God gives to all creation. In the world of the Middle East, a world of parched deserts, water signifies great blessings, just as dryness and drought signify a curse.

Although not fed by any tributaries, the river continues to increase remarkably till it is too deep to wade across. Then it is seen to have an abundance of trees, which are reminiscent again of the fertility of Eden (Gen 2:9). The river flows on into the deep depression that marks the course of the River Jordan and into the Dead Sea, so named because its high salt level makes life impossible. But this river will make the waters wholesome. Literally, the Hebrew says that the river will ‘heal’ the waters of the Sea. That this lowest (1,300 feet below sea level) and incredibly salty (~35 percent) body of water should be able to sustain such an abundance of life indicates the wonderful renewing power of this “river of the water of life” (cf. Rev 22:1).

“Fish will be plentiful, wherever the water goes it brings health and life teems wherever the river flows”. Here we have the image of miraculous water flowing from the Temple and conferring a marvellous fertility. The power of the water is such that, as it flows into the Dead Sea where nothing can live because of its saltiness, the sea flourishes with fish and fruit trees of every kind grow along its shores. There are also overtones of the creation of the teeming waters in the Creation story (Gen 1:20-21). “Wherever the water goes, it brings health”: in the context of the Gospel, this water is the Life that Jesus gives. “He who comes to me will never thirst.”

Truly, this is a symbol of the kind of life that God wishes us to share with him. “I have come that they may have life, life in abundance” (John 10:10).

Let us during this Lenten season experience the healing power of Jesus, a healing power which was initiated at our Baptism but which needs to continue for as long as we live.

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